My Lemming List

Why call this blog The Lemming List? 

Simply put, I wanted to be a source for Googlers when they were standing in the aisle at Ulta or Sally Beauty, trying to find a swatch of the color they were holding in their hands, debating whether or not to buy it. I know how it feels, and I've been there! That's how I got here. While I am not an OG collector, I have some lustworthy shades and am happy to share swatches. Maybe your lemming will be among them and you will see how it looks on a human hand here.

Of course since I'm not a seasoned veteran of nail polish collecting, I missed out on some smashing, amazingly good polishes. Here is a brief list of the ones that got away (before I even knew them), and a few that are around but harder to find...

  • Cult Nails Unicorn Puke (Clairvoyant if I must!)
  • Cult Nails Hypnotize Me
  • Any HITS Flakies
  • Anything Flakie, period.
  • Anything Holo, except HITS No Olimpia collection. (owner!)
  • Barielle Junebug
  • China Glaze OMG Collection
  • Essie's Greenport from North Fork Collection
  • Nubar Reclaim
  • OPI My Private Jet (original holo)
  • OPI Damone Roberts 1968
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Drifter
  • Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane

Those are the ones that rank highest on my list of "ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh I would die for that to be mine right now!"